Strategically located in East Africa

KRCL delivers security , shipping and logistic solutions to its clients for projects of any size.


We have built solid business relationships with PMSC’s, Vessel Owners and Charterers.


We offer a wide range of security services on land and sea focusing on protecting our clients, their property and interests.
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With a firm foundation and experience in Africa,

KRCL delivers tailored solutions based on client requirements and regional expertise.

Our services now include ships agency, security and logistics services and consultancy as well as full project logistics and management solutions on land and sea. Through our key staff our clients benefit from unrivalled commercial experience in the East Africa region together with a confidential and personal approach to business.


We offer a wide range of security services focused on providing protection, intelligence, and safe passage for our clients and cargo consignments as well as static properties and offices.


We are able to support large and small client projects and have substantial experience related to both on and offshore logistics projects in East Africa and beyond.

Why Choose Us

We are proud of our strong track record of successful operational outcomes, on and offshore and now offer a truly global footprint through our affiliated network of trusted service partners.

Security and Risk Management

We offer a wide range of security and risk management services providing protection,intelligence and safe passage to our clients and clients property. From close protection to secure transport solutions and electronic security solutions at clients premises we have a solution for all security requirements.

Project Management and Logistics

With significant human resources and assets throughout the East African region the KRCL team provides detailed and relevant local insight and expertise to compliment client projects and operations. Shore and offshore we provide bespoke staffing and logistical solutions for our clients needs.


As licensed shipping agents we have built strong relationships with ship owners, PMSC’s and local authorities ensuring seamless service delivery catered to specific clients needs. KRCL has a strong track record of shore and offshore projects and flexible services with an emphasis on communication and security.

Your Questions Answered


How long has KRCL been operating?

KRCL was incorporated in 2011 as Kenya Risk Consultants Limited and initially started to provide maritime anti piracy security off East Africa which then expanded through the Indian Ocean. Land based close protection, secure transport and cargo escort services followed and our footprint now spreads across over ten African countries. In 2014 our services diversified to include manned guarding, embedded management, off shore project support and electronic security. KRCL was licensed as a shipping agent by the Kenya Maritime Authority in 2015.

Who are the KRCL team?

KRCL has a diverse employee base from commercial security backgrounds, retired military and police staff as well as staff with shipping and clearing and forwarding backgrounds. As a Kenyan company we prioritize Kenyan employment but our project staff also hail from South Africa, The United Kingdom and Western Europe.
We have strict vetting and due diligence procedures in place and ongoing best practice updates in place at all times to ensure we have the correct staff for the correct projects at any time. Above all we are always conscious that staff allocated to specific projects have a background experience relevant to the client and service delivery.

Where does KRCL operate?

KRCL operate throughout the High Risk Area (HRA) of the Indian Ocean and has representation in Sri Lanka, The Red Sea, The Persian Gulf and South Africa for Maritime Security projects. KRCL carry out land based security activities in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Ghana and Nigeria as well as Somalia and South Africa. We are permanently expanding our footprint with successful outcomes for clients. KRCL will in cases of no direct footprint existing connect our clients to a trusted and valuable network of service providers who have been vetted and partnered with us historically.

We are proud of our strong track record of success.

Operational outcomes on and off shore and now offer a truly global footprint through our affiliated network of trusted service partners.

Having started service provision as a security related entity we have diversified our service portfolio due to client and market needs.

Above all KRCL have the capabilities to act effectively and decisively when it matters most.

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