Ships agency

KRCL provide a full spectrum of agency services in Mombasa.


As licensed shipping agents, we have built strong relationships with ship owners, PMSCs and local authorities, ensuring seamless service delivery catered to specific clients’ needs. KRCL has a strong track record of shore and offshore projects and flexible services with an emphasis on communication and security.

KRCL was licensed as a Ship’s Agent by the Kenya Maritime Authority in 2015 after processes and appropriate vetting.

KRCL recognized the need to diversify, meet clients’ needs and ensure gaps in service provision were filled, necessitating our formal entry into the sector. Our headquarters is being based in Mombasa, home of East Africa’s largest port facility, allowing us to better support our expanding client base. In only two short years since licensing we have handled all manner of agency tasks from small to large and in each case exceeded client expectations, met stringent timelines and ensured that costs have been kept in strict check.
We are able to provide full vessel agency services through to basic secure crew management solutions to vessel husbandry. We have established and maintained excellent relationships in procurement, supplies and all manner of vessel and port related services ensuring we can meet clients’ diverse needs in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. Above all our personal and management level real-time communication and activity when clients call on us ensures the best results and outcomes.

Shipping Services

- PMSC Agency and Supplies
- Full Agency services
- Charterers/Cargo Agency
- Port Agency
- Owners Protecting Agency
- Shippers Agency
- Husbandry services
- Off Port Limits Agency
- Dry-docking, repairs and Layby Agency
- Bunker Agency
- Bulk and break-bulk
- Crude, gas, petroleum, chemical tankers
- Crew movements
- Management of cost effective third party supply services

MARSEC Support

KRCL handles large numbers of PMSC teams embarking, disembarking and rotating in Kenya and Tanzania, and we provide logistical solutions and permissions. Due to demand, this service has extended to the provision of specialized equipment and storage permissions for equipment. We are able to provide simple security, medical and maritime kit replenishment through to medical evacuations. We are able to source and provide patrol and escort vessels for projects off the East African coast and have an unparalleled knowledge and history of project support and solutions off the Somalia coast. A full solution to any requirement related to PMSC team needs on the ground can be provided, including short and long-term accommodation, transport and permits. KRCL recognizes the absolute need for real-time reporting on team movements and status in host countries, and make this an operational priority, even when tasked with simple on and off sign duties. KRCL only use staff and boarding officers familiar and trained in security and firearms equipment handling which separates us from all competitors in Mombasa. We regularly provide the following services for PMSC companies: